April 30, 2016

The Power of Dreaming Big and Possessing an Unstoppable Attitude

dream bigMake the Choice Today and Change Your Future.

We have all encountered a certain type of person at some point in our lives – whether it was at work, at a party, in our own families, or even just watching them on television. There is just something about these individuals that make you want to learn everything you can from them. Have you ever stopped to consider what it is that sets an average person apart from an extraordinary being?

The answer is actually a lot simpler than many would realize. These people all made a choice one day to include two things in their everyday lives: dreaming big and possessing an unstoppable attitude.

This concept almost sounds too easy, doesn’t it?  We’ve all heard it before said a different way…  Wait for it.  It’s too good to be true!  Ouch.  Those words are like hearing fingernails scraped across a chalk board.

The place where these people are today merely started with a few simple steps that led them to their present life of success. First, they came up with a big dream. Whether this dream may or may not have been the end result does not matter. They focused on one aspect of where they wanted to eventually be, which set the whole plan in motion.

Second, they made the decision to have an unstoppable attitude, no matter what. You see, there is a certain thing that happens to the brain the moment a person decides that nothing will get in their way of attaining their goal. It is almost as though there is a switch that keeps them from reacting to anything that could possible set them off their course. Negativity, rumors, naysayers, speed bumps, and other problems have little adverse effect to them. With absolute certainty, these people have decided that nothing and nobody in this world is going to derail them from the end result that they so desire.

So, how can you be one of these types of people? And, better yet, how can this affect you in your home life and business?

Decide to DREAM BIG. Once you make a clear determination as to what you are after, write it down. Elaborate on it a bit. This can be the state of personal relationships in your life, a health or wellness goal, a financial goal, or an experience. Envision yourself  feeling and experiencing that goal. The more clearly you are about the end of the path when you start, the more likely you are to reach the end.

Next, become determined to be absolutely unstoppable. Let no one and nothing stand in your way. When problems arise, see them as minor setbacks and keep working towards your goal. When negative people begin trying to deter you from reaching your dreams, ignore their comments. Wake up each and every day with the determination that you will let nothing stand between you and the life you envision.

This week I challenge you to go out and try these two concepts. Take note of how this simple paradigm shift changes your entire outlook on life. Then, repeat it again and again until your reach your end goal.


Michael Hamburger

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