April 29, 2016

EpostMedia Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines For EpostMedia Contributors:

All submissions will be reviewed by a human editor and can be rejected soley at their discretion, so please read and follow these guidelines carefully so you do not waste your time or our editors’ time.  Small edits for grammar or to remove affiliate links may be done by our editors at their discretion, but if these are numerous, your article will be returned for rewrite.

Submit original content only.

Once your article is posted on EpostMedia, you are free to post elsewhere as well as long as you include a link back to your EpostMedia original source article. We do not post content that has already been posted anywhere else, but only original work.  We use duplicate content detection software to ensure this.

It Must be Newsworthy Content

No sales letters and no ‘How To’ articles.  No ‘press release’ formatted articles, but the same info can easily be written as a news story.  That is fine as long as you haven’t posted it elsewhere first.

No more than one article about any specific company or business per week. Our basic plans will only allow one post per week anyway. Contact us if you wish to discuss adding more articles.

Think of it this way: Articles must be written as something you might see written by a reporter and published in your local newspaper.

See our article: How to Write a News Article.

No Profanity, Sexually Explicit Material, or Hate Content.

Our editors have the complete right to reject any article that is submitted on any grounds they see fit, with or without an explanation to the contributor.

400-700 words

If you can’t say what you want in less than 700 words, break it up into two articles.


One self-serving text link to a blog or website allowed in the article… No affiliate links in anchor text….Permitted url format is http://www.url.com or http://www.url.com/page-on-site or http://www.category.url.com

A 125×125 ad to be posted at the top of the right sidebar is included with each article you submit if you are a paid user.  (You must send your banner and desired link and article name when you submit your article for review to make sure it is included.)

If you wish to add a banner in the body of the article or a larger 250×250 ad space in the right sidebar, please contact us to discuss.

Personal FB and Twitter links can be set up in your contributor profile to appear in your author box at the end of each article, along with a personal link to a site of your choice as long as it coincides with the rest of these guidelines (affiliate links OK here).

All links are subject to editor’s approval and can be rejected at full discretion of our editors.

No Keyword Stuffing

It doesn’t work anyway and can hurt SEO. Use keyword density of 3-4% for best results…or once per paragraph as a general rule of thumb.

These guidelines are subject to change as we deem necessary to make EpostMedia better for our readers.