February 7, 2016

Staff and Contributing Authors

EpostMedia Editors and Senior Writers

Please find below a list of the writers and contributors to EpostMedia. As you can see, we have an eclectic bunch of talented people, and we are acquiring more talent and expertise on a regular basis.

Roderick MacKenzie – Chief Editor, Senior Writer

Roderick is an entrepreneur and marketer who has started multiple businesses both online and off.  He moved from Halifax NS, Canada to Saint John NB, Canada, his current home, in 2009.  He has a background in health care and conducts business in financial education, internet marketing and business start-ups.  He also has an interest in travel, philosophy and religion.

Julie MacKenzie – Assistant Editor, Senior Writer

Julie is an entrepreneur, a musician, graphic designer, and web designer from Truro Nova Scotia, Canada.  One of the most talented and creative people you will find on the internet. Her interests are varied and she writes mostly on sports, technology, entertainment, and culture.

Dr. Kimberly Trites MD, FRCSC – Senior Advisor

Dr. Trites is an obstetrician/gynecologist in New Brunswick, Canada with an interest in all areas of women’s health.

EpostMedia Contributing Authors

Faye Joyce – Faye’s life experience as a homemaker has included raising three children as a full time mom.  Not many jobs are more demanding…or teach you more about creativity, flexibility, and life in general.  She writes mostly on family, culture and entertainment.

Ken Lawrence – Ken is a jack of all trades and writes about anything and everything that is on his mind…focusing most on Sports and Culture.  Luckily for us, he’s always looking for stories that are also on the mind of our readers.

Arthur Michaels – Arthur is an IT specialist who has been working with Internet Technology and Networking for a decade and a half and has trained many young IT specialists.  He has also managed large-scale IT projects for big organizations.

Paul Rodman – Paul is a financial education consultant who focuses on teaching little known financial strategies and investment opportunities to the average investor that are usually reserved for the rich and well connected.  You will find him disagreeing with much of the financial ‘wisdom’ found on Wall Street today.

Heather Trites – Heather has a commerce degree from Dalhousie University, MA from Liberty University, and has completed her Event & Promotions Management (EPM) diploma at the Centre for Arts and Technology in Halifax, NS.