April 30, 2016

RenuWater Is Establishing Its Presence Throughout Nova Scotia

Renuwater - Nova Scotia water treatment companyNova Scotia Water Treatment Company, RenuWater, Wants Everyone To Have Fresh Clean Drinking Water

A Nova Scotia water treatment company located in Truro, Nova Scotia and servicing much of the rest of the province, has been setting standards for others to follow since 1987. RenuWater focuses on the needs of the province and provides high quality service to help solve domestic water issues.

People experience many different types of water problems in the province. Some of these include hard water, iron stains, taste and odour, acid water and turbidity. Nova Scotia water treatment facilities such as RenuWater use water conditioning or softening solutions and water treatments and filtering systems that can help these issues making your water the high quality that it should be.

They are establishing their presence in Nova Scotia as one of the ‘go to’ experts when it comes to water purification.

Though we often think of our woodland streams as pristine, drinking water in nature is never totally pure. When water comes in contact with vegetation, silt, minerals, fertilizers and everything else, it picks up bits and pieces. Many of these additions are harmless upon consumption, however, some may not be. It is possible to pick up bacteria or viruses that carry disease and chemical or radiological materials that may cause a health risk. RenuWater’s water purification solutions can help with these issues.

Health Canada has created a set of drinking water guidelines that must be followed to address this issue. Also the Canadian Water Quality Association and its members “encompass water quality improvement for homes, businesses, industry and institutions in these broad areas: drinking water and working water.” RenuWater is one of only three Nova Scotia water treatment dealers who are members of this organization. Ecowater and Ultimate Pure Water in Dartmouth, NS are the others.

Many people look for water filtration systems and further products such as pool, spa and hot tub products from local hardware stores, but may not get the full advantage of a product if they don’t know how to maintain proper filtration and the correct quantities to use. More and more homeowners are seeking the services of RenuWater and similar companies to help them with these tasks.

The Nova Scotia water treatment company has recently hired new staff to help them with their efforts. If you need a water analysis or feel your water is just not where it should be, perhaps you should give RenuWater or another qualified NS water treatment company a call.

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