May 5, 2016

Good News For Men and Beer

Men and beer

Combination of Men And Beer Improves Problem Solving Ability and Speed.

A new study will be one men use for collateral for years. It suggests the combination of men and beer makes men smarter.

Researchers at the Chicago University of Illinois tested men who were sober along with men who had been given a couple beers. They provided half of the group of healthy young men with about two pints of beer and gave nothing to the other half. (They had determined 2 pints of beer or 2 medium glasses of wine was the optimal amount)

The participants were then given brain-teasers to answer. An example of a problem they could have been given would be they were told 3 words and had to figure out a fourth that would link all three. A simple example could be apple, orange and blueberries with the link they had to come up with being fruit.

The group of men and beer solved 40% more problems than did their sober companions. They also answered these questions faster. On average it took a drinker 12 seconds while non-drinkers required 15.5 seconds.

The research can be found in the Journal Consciousness and Cognition. Co-author and psychologist Jennifer Wiley wrote on the Federation of Associations in Behavioral and Brain Sciences (FABBS) site that “We found at 0.07 blood alcohol, people were worse at working memory tasks, but they were better at creative problem-solving tasks.”

It has always been thought that alcohol took away the ability for analytical thinking right from the start. This is the first example showing men and beer may not be as detrimental as initially thought. As a note to men and beer though, don’t get too excited…the study only included 40 participants, so the results must definitely be furthered.

However, Wiley makes a good point when she says “Innovation may happen when people are not so focused. Sometimes it’s good to be distracted. The bottom line is that we think being too focused can blind you to novel possibilities, and a broader, more flexible state of attention is needed for creative solutions to emerge.”

So men, next time your spouse is complaining about your drinking habit you will have something to tell her. The combination of men and beer makes you smarter!

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