May 2, 2016

Investment Questions On Your Mind?

Investment Questions

Where Can You Get Answers to Your Investment Questions?

So many investment questions have been in the news lately. Concerning technology investments people who have invested in Nokia are wondering if rumors about the company being bought by Microsoft or going bankrupt are true. Those who invested in Research in Motion’s Blackberry 10 are wondering what is going to happen due to the delay in the launch date. Dell’s first quarter results are down; does this mean it’s time to withdraw your investment or should you purchase now to hopefully see promise in the future? Apple has been consistently growing….is this trend going to continue or is their run on the way out?

Seeing that the above questions are all concerning one topic and one type of investment, one can see how many investment questions could run through their mind. To find answers to investment questions, there are several routes to take.

Many people use the internet for everything in today’s world, and there is boundless information there. In fact, there are about 49,500 searches each month for the word “investment options”, and 5,000,000 for “where to invest” or “what to invest in”. However, when using the internet remember not all of it is true. When deciding what to do with my hard earned money, I want to have a good idea that it’s in the right spot.

It is often recommended to contribute to a company’s 401(k) plan as an investment option if the company matches employee contributions. This may work for some, on the other hand, a study by Urban Institute’s Eric Toder and Karen Smith earlier in the year proved that the employer’s contribution was pretty much coming right out of your earnings.

Going to a bank to talk about your investment questions will bring about the concept of the RRSP or mutual fund. Even many professionals in the industry are only educated on this type of investment, but some don’t think it’s always the best option.

Len Davis, a Saint John Financial Advisor, has clients who believe he has the answers to many investment questions. He does not believe RRSP’s are the complete answer to all situations and works to find the right financial vehicle for his specific client.

In asking this financial planner investment questions, he suggested there are safer, more consistent investment options that aren’t at the mercy of the stock markets. He wants to find a solution for you that “lets you sleep at night!”

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