April 29, 2016

Google Handwrite Introduced Today

Google Handwrite

Will Google Handwrite Become A Popular Search Method?

Need to search for something on your tiny touchscreen keyboard and keep hitting the wrong letters? Well, Google has devised a solution for you….that is if you can print neatly! Google Handwrite is an experimental project at the moment, but if all goes well it may be an answer for many.

This beta feature was introduced today and is available in 27 different languages. It works on Apple devices running iOS5 and higher, mobiles running Android 2.3 Gingerbread and above, and tablets running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and higher versions. Experts are suggesting that Google Handwrite does work better in certain browsers, for example, in Android devices it works best in Chrome.

Software engineer Rui Ueyama blogged “Handwrite enables you to search by just writing letters with your finger most anywhere on your device’s screen — there’s no keyboard that covers half of the screen and no need for hunt-and-peck typing.”

It works in a similar manner as typing in your search term…After getting a few letters in, a list of common search terms is offered that you can chose from. This may be extra effective if trying to type in a longer phrase on a smartphone screen! On the other hand, if you pause during your search word the letters translate and disappear from your screen. This allows you to add more!

To set this up on your device, go to google.com and chose “Settings” at the bottom of the page. There is a spot here to enable Google Handwrite. All you do is click the Handwrite icon, which looks like a cursive “g” on the lower right-hand side of your screen. This activates the screen as a writing surface, so give it a try. Just make sure you write in a legible manner.

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