May 5, 2016

FIVB Beach Volleyball Again In Halifax

FIVB Beach Volleyball

Photo by arztsamui

Halifax Hosts Back To Back FIVB Beach Volleyball Championships

The Sands at Salter waterfront courts will get to see thousands of volleyball players and fans once again next year. The 2011 under 21 FIVB Beach Volleyball tournament was held in Halifax, N.S. last year and will be held there in 2012 as well. It will be the first time the international competition is hosted in the same city two years in a row.

Hosting major sporting events can often bring in some money for a city. In the case of Halifax in 2011 it was a break-even project for the city, but hosting it for the second year may give them a chance to improve upon this.

The president of Sports and Entertainment Atlantic, Derek Martin, said “This is by no means a profitable venture, but with the opportunity to bring it back a second time, we can focus on attracting additional corporate sponsorship. Combine that with the chance to cutback on expenses and, hopefully, that gap grows.”

The positive aspect of the games was the economic spinoff for local companies that generated $2.6 million. Local restaurants and hotels are quite excited with the news of next year’s tournament being hosted there again. Besides these accommodative resources, other companies gain from the event. Shaw Resources in Coldbrook was hired to provide over 2,000 tonnes of sand, another company was hired to spread it, another company must build the seats and another provides audio services.

Free advertisement for the city can be another advantage of hosting such an event. Due to technology in the world today, pictures from the FIVB Beach Volleyball event were sent worldwide providing insight into the city.

The 2012 FIVB Beach Volleyball event will be held from August 28th to September 2nd and has tickets on sale now. Next year will host 64 teams and I’m sure people are looking forward to it already.

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