May 3, 2016

Developer Denies Possible Dead Island 2 Release, Squashes Zombie-filled Dreams

Dead island video game, E3 2011 Dead Island Square Enix

Dead island video game, E3 2011 Dead Island Square Enix— (

Dead Island 2 Release Is Dead – Apparently is Wasn’t Killed By Zombies…

Last year’s hottest zombie game release was undoubtedly Dead Island, in which you as one of a few main characters find yourself on an island fighting for your life against hordes of zombies that seem to get tougher and tougher as you ‘level up’. Addictive, fun and all round gruesome, Dead Island was and is an excellent game which gave zombie fans a much needed boost of adrenaline.

It makes complete sense then that due to Dead Island being a runaway success last year and Dead Island fans literally screaming on forums for a new release that the developers of said game will want to create another one for the fans and also the number of 000’s on their bank account.

Apparently, however, this simply is not the case as Deep Silver development director Guido Eickmeyer said in a recent interview, making the point that they have literally nothing in the pipeline for a future release of Dead Island 2.

“We are neither working with Yager on Dead Island 2 nor do we have any contractual agreement with Yager about any project at this point,” Deep Silver development director Guido Eickmeyer said.

“Just to clarify,” he added: “We have neither something in place or in discussion between the parties that would explain such news, nor do we have Dead Island 2 in concept or production with external partners.”

From the above you can essentially grasp that the developers at Deep Silver and Yager and the financial backers behind the original are not exactly jumping at the chance to create a sequel, squashing the dreams of many zombie killing fans eager to get a fresh taste of blood on their baseball bat handily modded to include nails punched through it.

Dead Island shipped a whole one million units upon its release to retail in the US and almost two million units by its first week and a half of retail. Although shaky in places, the launch of the game is mostly considered a success but what sets it apart versus other zombie orientated games is that you can pick up a copy in 2012 having never played it and it will still feel new.

Currently, Dead Island is considered to be one of the best zombie orientated games money can buy due to its tasty graphics, excellent game play and solid (if a little eye brow raising in places) storyline.

We are not totally sure then exactly what is going on behind closed doors at Yager and Deep Silver, however it must be something rather big in order to completely stamp out any possibility of a Dead Island 2 release date this 2012.

As always the best way fans can get a game and its developers to get the ball rolling is through social media. If you are a Dead Island fan and cannot control your taste for zombie butt kicking, hit up Yager and Deep Silver on Twitter and Facebook to show your dismay as to this recent industry news.

Who knows, they might even take notice.

Rference: Destructoid

Dead World?  Don’t give up hope…

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