May 1, 2016

Baby Photography Inventor Looking For Support

Baby Photography

Photo by Miranda O'Leary

With baby photography becoming so popular, the photography world needs some help!

A baby photography appointment is becoming as common a date to mark on the calendar for new moms and dads as is a doctor’s appointment. However, capturing that perfect moment that will be treasured for the rest of the family’s life isn’t always the easiest task.

A photographer in Pittsfield, Maine has created a new product that she hopes to patent and raise some money to market online. She has already sold over 500 Bella Bun posers during the last year.

Her Bella Bun poser product is a soft, curved pedestal that can cradle and help pose a newborn who does not yet have head control. Baby photography is often not an easy task for both professionals and amateurs due to this issue.

Amanda Rachel Logiodice of Amanda Rachel photography believes her invention could save a lot of shooting challenges involved with baby photography. With 75% of her winter business being baby photography, she knew there was a need that wasn’t being met and blankets, towels or nursing pillows were just not doing the trick.

“With newborns, it’s difficult to get them angled so you can focus on their faces without making them look like they’re laying flat. It’s really all about the angles with newborns, trying to see their faces when they haven’t developed head control to lift their heads and look at you,” she said.

Besides the head control, there are other important things to consider with baby photography as well. One Rothesay Quispamsis photographer, Miranda O’Leary says in her blog “My preferred age for capturing infant photographs is before they are 10 days old. They are still in their sleepy stage and are easily posed. More patience and booking time is required as they reach closer to a month old.”

Logiodice is trying to raise money to promote her invention and is doing so through a Kickstarter campaign. She hopes to raise $8,850 through this website that presents crowdfunding for creative projects. The money would help her get media exposure for her product and show it to the world.

Bella Bun posers for baby photography are available in two sizes at a cost of $125 or $165.

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